Action is Required

Thank you for investing in Nationwide Funds. It is our pleasure to have you as our shareholder. If you received an Abandoned Property Notice, please follow the instructions below to establish contact to ensure your property is not considered abandoned.

According to the laws of your state, your Nationwide Mutual Fund account assets are at risk of being considered abandoned because a form of “affirmative contact” was not completed within the time period established by your state. Please note that each state has different requirements for what establishes affirmative contact.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives at 800-848-0920, or your financial advisor, if you have any questions, concerns or need additional clarification regarding abandoned property. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

Establish Contact

Please follow these instructions to establish contact for your Nationwide Funds account(s).

  1. Enter the 14 character Reference Number as it appears within the Abandoned Property Notice.
  2. Enter the last four digits of the Taxpayer Identification Number (SSN or EIN) for the taxable party listed on the Abandoned Property Notice.

Enter Reference Number: